While we are still frantically running around getting ready for our upcoming Transponder Class, we are also very happy to announce another update to our website.  We2014-09-19 23.54.14 don’t have the shop completely figured out just yet, but we do have a complete listing of the special services we have exclusively for Locksmiths.  Don’t let a money making opportunity pass you by simply because you don’t have access to the technology to make a specific key.  You can easily pull a module from your customer’s vehicle and with overnight shipping, you can beat the dealer’s prices and still have plenty of room to make a profit.   We are also able to unlock your used or previously programmed remote-head keys either with or without fresh blades, and we don’t have a minimum for this service.  You can even hang on to them and bring them to one of our classes or the Swap Meet on September 12th and save yourself shipping costs.

Until we get the shop set up, you can use our Contact Form or give us a call to set up your remote-unlocks or Key programming services.