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There are so many different options for booking that it is hard to give you flat rates for our continuing education classes, but in an attempt to be transparent, we have compiled these guidelines we generally use to determine our rates.  **None of these rates include travel/lodging as these arrangements must be handled on a case by case basis.





Our minimum rates are based upon the complexity of the class material and is different for each of our classes.  We base our rates so that if you have a half-full class, you can still break even or even make money depending on your related expenses.  Our classes typically have a maximum of 30 attendees unless otherwise stated.  

Transponder (8 hours)      $1250.00

Advanced Transponder (8 hours)     $1500

Beginning Eeprom (8 hours)      $3000



with Donnie

Whether you are thinking about starting Eeprom work, have attended classes and still don’t quite feel comfortable, or you just have a specific area that you struggle with Donnie is available for one-on-one hands on training.  

Half Day (4hours)     $1000 + $100 a person for up to 2 additional locksmiths

Full Day (8hours)     $1500 + $200 a person for up to 2 additional locksmiths



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