As part of our mission to help Locksmiths Lock it Up (get their schtuff together) we provide free tech support by phone for Intelligent Key Solutions customers, for people who have attended our classes, and for some of our favorite suppliers and friends. Since this is a free service, and since we are not fans of helping scammers, we do require that you be in our system and to provide licensing information when applicable. Please fill out the information on the Membership tab so that we can get you properly set up to access our tech support options. 

Special note: We publish this phone number so that it can easily be found by those who need it, not so that it be abused by non-members.  If you are not interested in Membership to our site, you are encouraged to use our contact form on the About page and we will make every effort to assist you in a timely manner.  If repeated abuse of this service and/or phone number occurs, we will be forced to re-evaluate our membership guidelines.